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Fiber-site connector facing crisis and coping strategies

Date:2012年6月27日 10:21

In 2011, the construction of China's FTTH Danian. Cable usage occupy over 60% of the site connectors accounted for 70% of global usage into end use a conservative estimate of 20 million. As a connection node in the physical optical network, on-site connector has become mainstream into side technology. Folye? Woe yeah? One o'clock we harder to draw a conclusion, but it certainly is: with certain technical threshold and relative to a single, but the technology field (mechanical) emerging sub-field of the past two years can be described as womanizing, slightly small capital of the sense of smell have flock.

Non-preset the Fibre-site connector popular reasons?

Most optical communications industry felt incredible, so-called non-premise site connector (commonly known as a straight-through-type field connector) actually enter our industry standard! Network construction more popular, the reason, the following two points:

The primary reason is to recognize the limitations of the domestic manufacturers, we study the history of the optical connector found our country has never been a real invention of the optical connector, optical connector from the 1970s Ericsson welding to the French invented the mechanical V-groove connection to 80 the era of Japan's NTT breakthrough FCSC connector to the international community is led the the American the LUCENT invention of LC connectors are not seen our shadow. The nature of the optical connector or an optical device, our manufacturers long-term position in the production and assembly, leading to the optical connector is a purely mechanical products manufacturers subconscious.

The familiar optical connector insertion loss and return loss even in the depth of the industry to understand not comprehensive, especially the return loss is overlooked. The the domestic scene connector design and manufacturer unaware the significance of the return loss, and led directly to "ignore" return loss, even as the enterprise profits, attacked the premise site connector technology for refractive index supplement.

Our site connectors and Splice R & D process, the earliest in the research and development of the site connector Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications and Nanjing Putian and the same star power, they the early are trapped in domestic basic industries, materials and sub-micron machining technology, slow progress in research and development; domestic part of the machinery manufacturers and these companies work to capture market information, skip the technical bottleneck - preset fiber and engineering optical fiber in the V-groove butt, develop a "non-preset" live devices. The non preset is directly across the optical fiber connector, is aligned in the ceramic end surface, and then pressing the optical fiber.

The nature of non-preset "scene connector is an operation and maintenance using decades of bare fiber adapter, the nature of its technology is the use of high-precision ceramic ferrule bore to limit fiber, such use of a ceramic plug the technology of the optical fiber core to limit definitely better and more economical technology, but there are several issues can not be circumvented:

No fixed fiber ceramic ferrule (conventional tail jump fiber, optical fiber the glue curing ferrule) which will inevitably lead to fiber tiny degree of freedom, which is how to ensure that the requirements of the stability of the optical fiber pair?

End face grinding, mechanical geometry of fiber pairs required no guarantee, we usually say 3D indicators is no guarantee that relying solely on the fiber end face cutter cutting can not guarantee that the fiber coupling efficiency.

Echo no guarantee, cutting the fiber end face will greatly increase the Fresnel reflection return loss increases, so that the lines of communication on the times, seriously affect the Optical laser emission signals, damage to the communication quality, reduce network coverage distance .

Non-pre-fiber-site connector is to in optical principles did not figure out the case, attention asymmetry, Fudge national carriers.

The second important reason is that non-pre-fiber-site connector become very popular in the country over concerns of operators CAPEX, coupled with the urgency of the project construction, lax on in the selection of the the PON network site connector, paid insufficient attention to; developed mainstream national preset fiber connector performance, but the cost is too high, operators reduce CAPEX in urgent need of a large number of low-cost on-site connector. Historic opportunity to give this golden window of preset scene connector. This ignored in the construction of the subordinate OPEX mode alone will eventually lead to the high China FTTH operating costs.

According to the actual detection and operators around the tender testing and practical application in the Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Industry, product quality problems more there fiber-site connector. China Telecom CST Wei Leping, has said: "The thought that FTTH can save maintenance costs, who knows OPEX rise, not fall. Now appears that China Telecom FTTH too many quality problems, and a great part of the problem out in the ODN . "

Our field connector integrated risk analysis

In fact, of our site connector problem is not just wrong selected non-preset the Fibre scene connector problem, in recent years a lot of preset optical fiber manufacturers launched site connector.

1. The uneven high failure rate of product performance, the root cause of the high failure rate is that the core of the site connector V-groove precision not lead, Although our manufacturers Lu after another to learn the Japanese V-groove material and mechanical molding technology, and mastered and core technology, but still not developed like Japan's Sumitomo and other manufacturers, the depth of the V-groove material and injection molded parts equipment, the market conventional materials and molding equipment is 0.01mm-meter-class equipment, in the manufacture of sub-micron levels V-shaped groove part, it is unable to guarantee the stability of the batch. This instability doomed scene connector high failure rate in the project network.

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