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Yantai Automation and Instrument Exhibition

Date:2012年6月27日 10:17

"Yantai Automation and Instrument Exhibition" Since its inception in 2003, the common nurtured colleagues at home and abroad, has been successfully held the ninth. The show has been able to successfully convened mainly depends on two major advantages: First, the Jiaodong Peninsula has a strong market advantage and procurement needs advantage, in a rapid increase in the size and grade of the show period: organizer and organizer promptly introduced to encourage enterprises of exhibitors and user procurement policy measures.

Yantai the important nodes city as connecting the northeast and the eastern coast, communication, Japan and South Korea and inland, its advantages become more prominent, the comprehensive competitiveness is further enhanced influence at home and abroad will be further enhanced. Yantai as the northern port city is a major transportation hub in the harbor, has rich marine resources, the huge potential for economic development, the near Yantai to Dalian train ferry will connect the Bohai Bay Economic Zone, move northward as the country's development The trend in the Bohai Sea economic circle will set off a new round of economic boom in China, Yantai will bear the brunt of South Korea, Japan, the scale of investment will Kazamaki into the room, Yantai prosperity just around the corner.

In Yantai "12th Five-Year Plan", a clear speed up the transformation of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries, focusing on the development of new materials, electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, new energy and energy-efficient high-tech industries such as .

Past exhibitors

ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Bonner, Fluke, Raytek, Hummel, Fuji Electric, Xintian, Tyco Electronics JUMO Weidmuller Waters, Turck, Phoenix Otto Nice, Sanken, LS Industrial Systems, Adlink, Koyo era, sine, Belfast, on the Run, Rainbow Run, Danfoss, Pepperl + Fuchs, Hexagon, Delta, EVOC, Wolpe and other well-known brands at home and abroad gathered in Yantai automation exhibition of industrial automation.

Company resources

Jinnuo Exhibition is a professional exhibition company Shandong Province, established earlier, has strong economic strength and a broad and stable customer network, in the exhibition market positioning, comprehensive planning, and overall operation has accumulated a wealth of experience, and has unique. Over the years, the company has been guided by the modern management within the repair in training brand purpose of professional services to the professional planning, strict management of operations in the new and old customers to win praise. Based on the customer's success, focusing on market research, depending on the professional audience is the lifeblood of the exhibition, is the secret Jinnuo record breaking achievement.

The exhibition

Control system: inverter, control and data acquisition systems, process automation and control systems, factory automation control systems, hybrid control systems, field bus control system, Safety and Risk Systems, Industrial Ethernet, IPC and embedded control systems, process control OLE, electrical transmission and motion control systems, radio systems;

Sensors and test and measurement: sensor materials, sensor elements, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, displacement sensors, gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, speed sensors, power sensors, weighing sensors, wireless sensor technology, sensor systems, traffic meter, flow switch, all types of transmitters, encoders, laser detection, identification systems, force measurement, the Hall element, PH value, sensor technology service development and management techniques, measuring projector, video measuring instrument, the second element amount Tester, CMM measuring machine, tester, industrial stereological microscope (optical, electronic), temperature and humidity instrument, pressure instrument;

Instrument control: process control instrumentation, environmental class instrumentation (urban water supply, sewage treatment process instrumentation, etc.), medical instrumentation, detection class instrumentation, quality control and testing equipment, measurement analysis class instrumentation;

Instrument material components and accessories: system components, parts and control fieldbus accessories, wires, cables, connectors and disk cabinet accessories, filters, pumps, valves, optical and electromechanical components, industrial electrical switch, power, laser and optoelectronic devices;

Industrial robots and related technologies: other automation software and related engineering, systems engineering and integration, maintenance and repair services, calibration / testing services;

Automation and IT solutions: Manufacturing Execution of the overall solution and process optimization, enterprise resource planning overall solution, e-commerce overall solutions, Internet and communications-based solutions, the robot.

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