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"God Nine" today asked the day aerospace industry sector to the value of 10 shares resolution

Date:2012年6月27日 10:19

"God Nine" today launch the aerospace industry has entered a golden period

Shenzhou of the 9th spaceship will be the 16th launch and control by astronauts hand the Shenzhou 九号 spacecraft docking with Temple One target aircraft, for the first time to verify the manual rendezvous and docking technology, this may inspire the next week's aerospace segment enthusiasm.

God nine who are charged with three mission

Spokesman of the China Manned Space Engineering on the 15th at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center announced the decision by Temple One Shenzhou the 9th of manned rendezvous and docking mission total headquarters, the the Shenzhou 九号 spacecraft scheduled for Beijing on June 16, 2011 18 37 launch, the astronauts of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Brigade male astronauts Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, and female astronaut Liu Yang, "divine nine" flying by the group, perform the manned rendezvous and docking mission.

It is reported that on the afternoon of the 15th, the Long March II F carrier rocket will start filling propellant. The launch site area and the region's various systems are ready, astronaut flight by group psychological stability, good condition, all the preparatory work in progress before boarding the plane.

Temple One target aircraft launch, followed by launch Shenzhou VIII, the Shenzhou 九号, Shenzhou 10 spacecraft rendezvous and docking with the overall arrangements for the rendezvous and docking mission. Last year, after the successful completion of Temple One Shenzhou VIII rendezvous and docking mission, after careful evaluation, decided to perform manned flight, Shenzhou 九号 first manned rendezvous and docking with Temple One target aircraft.

The main purpose of this mission: astronauts hand control the Shenzhou 九号 spacecraft docking with Temple One target aircraft, first verify that the manual rendezvous and docking technology; Temple One target aircraft protection is fully validated to support the lives of astronauts. work function, performance, and the combination of management techniques; Third, aerospace medical experiments and regenerative environmental control and life support individual key technical test.

Accelerate the development of the aerospace industry

Or stimulate the plate enthusiasm

It should be noted that, although the global economic downturn, but the aerospace industry is absolutely a sunrise industry, the strength of the world's countries are all huge investment in this regard. And along with the launch of the "divine nine", or stimulate the enthusiasm of China's stock market aerospace plate.

"The aerospace industry has a huge economic driving effect, not only shows that the improvement of the level of strength of China's scientific research and technology development of China's aerospace industry, but also to promote social and economic development in China has brought a huge effect," an agency study said.

ZHAO Xiao-chun, China Aerospace Science and Technology (000901) Group Company Aerospace Minister last year in an interview with reporters, said, China's space launch this year will reach 20 times, and may even reach 30. He told reporters that China Aerospace is in a period of high-density emission, "Twelve Five" goal is 100 rocket launchers, 100 satellite launched into space, the 100 satellites in orbit, stable operation. China's aerospace industry is ushering in a golden period of development.

Looking to the future, China's manned space station project, the lunar exploration program, the second generation Beidou satellite navigation system, the new generation of carrier rockets and other major science and technology projects and major aerospace engineering, will boost the rapid development of related industries.

"Concerned about the the event catalyst potential investment opportunities, but more optimistic about the potential for long-term development of the space industry." Orient Securities report said.

Aerospace segment performance history of previous launch of Shenzhou spacecraft analysis found 10 trading days prior to the launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft, the space segment performance stimulated by events better than the market probability, while the launch day and the launch of the 10 trading days, the probability of the aerospace sector fell by more than the broader market.

"More concern is that stocks in the aerospace sector the launch event catalyst role in the past, the trend of differentiation, play a decisive role of the stock price or the fundamentals, and we are more optimistic about the aerospace industry for a long development prospects and investment opportunities. "Orient Securities analyst said.

Tonight 6:37 God Nine Questions days

Held a press conference yesterday afternoon, Temple One Shenzhou 9 manned rendezvous and docking mission headquarters, announced that God 9 would be today 18:37 transmitter, the Chinese People's Liberation Army astronaut brigade male astronauts Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang multiply and female astronauts Liu Yang flight group, the implementation of this manned rendezvous and docking mission and Liu Yang became the first female astronaut in the history of our country. 17:30 yesterday, the three astronauts first public appearance.

Today, two of the Modern Express correspondent at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center site throughout Watch astronauts set off ceremony, and God nine ignition-off process.

Asked days · launch time

Today 18:37 God nine launch

15:00 yesterday, this news conference, the venue was packed with Chinese and foreign reporters. An opening, the spokesman of the China Manned Space Engineering Wuping introduced issues of most concern: the launch time. Today 18:37 God nine formal launch.

Yesterday morning was to determine the time

Why has there been to wait until the day before the launch was officially announced the launch time? The person explained that, because the launch time is really finalized until yesterday morning. God nine launch requirements "zero window" of the ignition timing requirements quite true, "the morning of the 15th meeting vote finally passed the 18:37 launch time."

For the first time to verify the manual docking

Wu Ping said yesterday that the main purpose of this mission: the launch of Shenzhou manned spacecraft on the 9th, with Temple One target aircraft has an automatic and manual rendezvous and docking of an astronaut, first verify that the manual rendezvous and docking technology, further validation automatic rendezvous and docking technology; comprehensive verify Temple One safeguard astronauts work life, performance, as well as a combination of management techniques, and the first time facing the rail vehicle personnel and supplies, transportation and supplies; further assessment spacecraft, rocket and the functionality and performance of the target aircraft, as well as the coordination between the engineering system.

Long March II F away nine rockets fired ignition, the flight of about 585 seconds, the boat separated from the rocket, the spacecraft entered the perigee of about 200 km and an apogee of about 330 km initial orbit, in accordance with a predetermined program, the spacecraft will be completed with Temple One goal automated rendezvous and docking of the aircraft.

Set off ceremony held this afternoon

15:00 today, asked the Tin House "the astronauts apartment" before the ceremony, the astronauts will be held expedition. Meeting yesterday afternoon after the three astronauts have been busy making preparations. Several hours later, 20 hours medical preparation to enter the pre-launch, intestinal cleansing; six hours before the launch, which is today around 12:30, the expedition state, the day will be a number of medical examinations; 3 hours prior to launch, is today 15:00 or so, the astronauts will embark on the journey.

Asked the day astronauts debut

The three astronauts across the glass interview

Mysterious "Q Tin House, finally ushered visitors. God nine astronauts multiplication group meeting with reporters in 17:30 yesterday, the meeting room will be asked Tin House held the first public appearance, this is also the three astronauts. In order to minimize the interference of the astronauts, the entire meeting will be only a short period of 20 minutes.

Blue "asked the Tin House after the arrival of the astronauts on June 9, has been garrison guarded, and most people simply can not enter. Now you can enter the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center one of the most mysterious regions, the reporters were naturally excited mood.

15:10, everyone seated in succession. This is a facility is simple, but a special meeting room, a floor-to-ceiling curved glass wall separated a completely separate enclosed space, the middle of three chairs lying behind the wall hung a bright flag. This is where astronauts debut, only in the background, there is only one door for the access, the reporters in the audience only be separated by a layer of glass and astronaut dialogue.

"To meet with you in this way, completely out of the protection of astronauts." According to reports, the astronauts before liftoff, in order to ensure they are not infected by the bacteria, you must perform a strict isolation system. It is understood that after the bacteria on Earth into space mutation, unusual coli, for example, toxicity will enhance space mutated 200 times, almost no cure.

17:30 yesterday, the three astronauts astronauts wearing blue clothing promptly from the background queuing to enter the meeting will be on-site, a shaped stand, waving to reporters, and then sit down.

As a veteran astronaut Jing Haipeng expression is the most relaxed. This is his second to fly in space, and the third went into the hall. He smiled and said, "Today, my third went into the hall, the mood is still very excited, but excited at the same time, I feel more of a challenge, a responsibility, a kind of pressure, but I believe, With the development of the manned space program, the astronauts repeatedly perform a flying mission also will become the norm. "

Liu Wang become "astronauts" for the first time, in fact, as early as 1998 became China's first astronaut. After 14 years of hard tempered, finally ushered in the space flight. Liu Wang this division of labor is manual rendezvous and docking operations Kong. Manual rendezvous and docking is one of the important tasks is very difficult. Astronauts Jing Haipeng words: manual rendezvous and docking as "meter needle.

Slightly serious about the low-key expressions Liu Wang, a man of few words, but every word powerful, "I have complete confidence in the players control and docking mission."

And two male astronauts, Liu Yang discourse is more emotional. "When the pilot when I fly in the sky to become astronauts in space flight, which will be a higher, longer flight." Said Liu Yang, I complete the task, she wanted to experience as much as possible the space wonderful weightless environment, to appreciate our beautiful planet Earth, to see more of our beautiful home.

"By training and running, the three of us have been very understanding." Said Jing Haipeng, a look, an expression, an action with each other and able to take the hint.

This reporter has learned, tacit understanding is essential between entire echelon players. Precisely because of this, before boarding the plane and a pilot out of the situation, is not suitable to fly the entire echelon will be replaced.


The refueling prepare the "Long March"

Temple inverted flight ready "kissing"

Fueled rocket launcher before an important program, once the filling, which means launch into an irreversible state.

17:30 yesterday, the astronauts debut while fueling work began. The entire filling work for 8 hours, to end until about 1:30 today. According to reports, the fact, God nine to 90% of the weight of the fuel, only strong enough to power to the aircraft sent to the distant space. Fuel filling, weighing 490 tons.

God nine upcoming Flying Temple One ready yet?

Reporter learned that, from May 27, Temple One, in adjusting the direction and height preparing this space Kiss. Has height adjustment from more than 350 km from the ground to 343 km on the standards track, and attitude adjustment became inverted mode, the "head" towards God nine from behind to catch up, you can "affectionate kiss." .

The three Indian Oceans Pacific (601099) "Yuanwang"

God is about to begin for Surveys trip in nine, in the vast expanse of the Pacific, a group of "Yuanwang", is sailing quietly waiting. For that historic moment, "Yuanwang people" who as early as in mid-April, had been at sea.


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