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Design engineers five steps to achieve the FlexRay robust network topology

Date:2012年6月27日 10:19

FlexRay has begun to show its mettle in the single-channel high-speed powertrain, driver assistance and improve comfort in automotive electronics applications. The new BMW X5 car, FlexRay for suspension control, so that you can take advantage of dual communication channel and bus monitor used in this deterministic protocol with fault-tolerant features safe driving function before, so engineers and developers have gradually adapt to the learning process, and reduce the associated risks.
FlexRay application development process, the design engineer can through five basic steps to build a robust network topology.
Step 1: First, you must define the number of nodes on the vehicle chassis and its assumed position, and then to determine the stub (a "daisy chain" topology) the passive bus cable length of the bus The cable terminal that is at the terminal, as shown in Figure 1. If the cable length is less than 10 meters, then the topology completed, which is considered to be used for series production.
Step 2: Once a cable length greater than 10 meters, should be considered "active star" topology (see Figure 2). If the cable length is more than 20 meters, the introduction of active star. The easiest active star only two branches, and the wiring harness? ? Two electrical decoupling components. By NXP's TJA1080 transceiver (for the first BMW X5 similar devices) to enhance the active star, so the total number of transceivers required only a.
Step 3: If the application can also continue to work after the vehicles involved in a collision, the collision of the system sensitive nodes should be distributed in different branches (see Figure 3). Thus, once the cable is squeezed or clamped on a differential voltage, and only the affected branch of the data transmission is interrupted, but the active star will ensure the communication of the other branch of the network is not affected

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